Our productions could not be more diverse - from award-winning dramedy "Club der roten Bänder/ Red Bracelets" to mystery thriller "Weinberg/ The Valley". From modern family series "Herzensbrecher / Heartbreakers" to a theatrical movie, “Wendy”. But they all have one thing in common: the passion that we put into them. 

Wendy - The Movie
Red Bracelets
The Valley

Wendy - The Movie

The 12-year-old Wendy (Jule Hermann) is not thrilled when her parents Gunnar (Benjamin Sadler) and Heike (Jasmin Great) decide to spend the whole summer vacation at "Rosenborg", the dilapidated equestrian farm owned by her grandmother Herta (Maren Kroymann). Since the death of Wendy's grandfather, Herta runs the farm on her own - and finds herself in direct competition with "St. Georg", the large, modern stables of Ulrike (Nadezhda Brennicke). 

After a serious riding accident, Wendy, formerly an enthusiastic and successful rider, never got back on a horse. But once arrived, she crosses ways with wounded horse Dixie which escaped from butcher Röttgers (Waldemar Kobus). Dixie seems to seek Wendy's company and follows her on every step. Between the two loners a friendship begins to bloom that will not only change Wendy's life forever, but could also save Rosenborg from being sold. But how long can Wendy hide her new friend Dixie from the adults? 

For over 30 years the magazine "Wendy" enthrals young girls with stories and themes from the world of horses. Now the successful cult brand comes to the big movie screen as as a feature film. Production took place in summer 2016 in and around Cologne, Germany. The German theatrical release is on January 26, 2017. The film is supported by the Film and Media Foundation NRW, the German Federal Film Fund and the FFA.



Bantry Bay in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion


Sony Pictures Releasing


Family movie

Release date

January 26, 2017 (Germany)

Executive Producers

Jan Kromschröder, Eva Holtmann


Dagmar Seume


Carolin Hecht


Jule Hermann, Jasmin Gerat, Benjamin Sadler, Maren Kroymann, Nadeshda Brennicke, and others

Red Bracelets

Six teenagers cannot lead a normal life like their friends: instead of playing football, meeting up with friends, going to school or spending time with their families, they are stuck in the hospital for a long time. Although they suffer from different diseases, the members of the “Red Bracelets” share a common wish: to spend their youth as normally as possible.

Leo, Jonas, Emma, Alex, Toni and Hugo all learn about the value of friendship in this dire and extraordinary situation and the change from joy to sorrow on a daily basis creates a unique bond between them. While experiencing life and death, their first great love and going on nightly expeditions through the hospital, they form the “Red Bracelets” and patients with different fates and personalities eventually become best friends. 



Bantry Bay



The Valley

Grapevines on gently rolling hills dominate a picturesque landscape – an idyll devoted to wine. But beware: winding its way through the valley is a saga of appalling secrets and lies, of forbidden desires and murderous lust...

Out in the vineyards, an injured stranger regains consciousness; next to him, the body of a young woman, apparently beaten to death. Having lost his memory, the stranger calls himself John Fox. Though a search party is sent to the vineyards, no trace of the girl can be found. With the annual wine festival beginning the next day, the villagers quickly forget the corpse without a body... 

But as the pretty young wine queen appears before her subjects, John experiences an unsettling déjà-vu: The wine queen looks exactly like the young woman whom he had found dead the previous day. Then she, too, disappears after begging John to help her...

Baffled by these mysterious incidents, John senses that he is a part – perhaps a very important one – of a tragedy that draws practically all the townspeople into it. As he tries to regain his identity and tear apart the web of lies and secrets that has settled on the town, John realizes that nothing here is what it seems, and an ally can become your enemy in an instant.

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Bantry Bay in cooperation with TwentyFour 9 Films


TNT Serie (2015) / VOX (2016)


Mystery Drama / Thriller

About us

Bantry Bay is an independent production company that brings together experienced TV makers, backed by German producer-distributor Beta Film. Our genre focus is on drama, while our sister company, Seapoint, focuses on non-fiction programming for primetime and daytime.  Both companies develop ideas in-house and bring international ideas and formats to Germany through a network of creative partnerships and through format acquisitions. 

Founded by Jan Kromschröder and Stefan Oelze in 2014, Bantry Bay works for all TV broadcasters and all media platforms in the market place. 

The two founders were joined in the course of 2014 by Gerda Müller and, later on, by Eva Holtmann. 

Recent Bantry Bay successes include the primetime drama series “Club der Roten Bänder” (“Polseres Rojas”) for VOX, for which the company won many awards, the original mystery series “Weinberg” (“The Valley”) for TNT, original German drama “Herzensbrecher” for ZDF and a first theatrical movie project, “Wendy”, based on the brand of teenage stories. 

Our name

The explanation is quite simple. And then not. Originally, Bantry and the corresponding Bay lie in the southwest of Ireland in Cork County. However, our story has little to do with Ireland – but just for the fact that Anglo-Saxon emigrants took the bay’s name with them to South Africa and gave it to one of the seaside suburbs in beautiful Cape Town - named Bantry Bay. 

Down there at the southern tip of Africa, many television films and series are filmed. So, while filming on location in Cape Town and during a stroll along the beautiful coastal line, the inspiration was found to use two stunning Cape Town locations, "Bantry Bay" and "Sea Point" as namesakes for our two new companies. 

A beautiful and inspiring place, a good idea: These "working titles" actually became our brand names since we started up in 2014. Names that stand for a strong creative team, working eye-to-eye with our partners.


Jan Kromschröder

Jan Kromschröder

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Gerda Müller

Gerda Müller

Executive Producer and Head of Drama | Fiction

Eva Holtmann

Eva Holtmann

Executive Producer | Fiction


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VOX Germany scored record ratings with remake of Spanish/Catalan success-series “Red Bracelets”

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